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Rondo Homework Center: No tutors, but the space is open for students.

Other programs scheduled may be affected by winter weather today. Please contact your local library in advance to check.

Highland Park Library History

The Highland Park Library was originally known as the Ford Parkway branch of the Saint Paul Public Library. The Ford Parkway Branch Library opened on March 20, 1954. The cost for the building was $106,426. The building was 53' x 93'; its exterior was rose-colored brick. The branch held 15,000 volumes.

The building was redesigned in 1974, incorporating the existing building into a modern design concept. The library was renovated in 2014. The current Highland Park library shares its facility with the Highland Park Recreation Center.

Photo Album

Ford Parkway Library


Ford Park Library - 1954.

Ford Parkway Library Ford Park Library exterior.
Ford Parkway Library interior Ford Park Library interior