West 7th Library: closed.

Rondo Homework Center: No tutors, but the space is open for students.

Other programs scheduled may be affected by winter weather today. Please contact your local library in advance to check.

Riverview Library History

The Riverview Library opened in 1917, one of three Carnegie libraries to open in Saint Paul that year.

Photo Album

Riverview Library interior


An early view of the inside of the Riverview Library.

 Riverview Library interior Another early view of the inside of Riverview Library.
Riverview Library, 1930 Riverview Library, September 1930.
 Riverview Library, 1930 Inside Riverview Library, September 1930.
Riverview Library, 2006 Riverview Library, 2006.
inside Riverview Library, 2006 Inside Riverview Library, 2006.